Friday, 16 December 2011

My sister’s wedding……

Indian weddings are termed as the real fat weddings. Fat in every way, the celebrations, the emotions and the people involved….Witnessed one closely, as my own kid sister was getting married. I guess I have observed it even closer than my own wedding.
The venue was decided almost a year ago. The shopping started as early. Since it was going to be at the boy’s hometown, mutually agreed upon venue, the family had to shift base a couple of days before the D day. It was a nice family outing and meeting of relatives, people we hadn’t met in years; it was totally a family time! reliving the old memories.
Each event be it Sangeet, Mahendi, Haldi was perfect. Everyone participated whole heartedly and had loads of fun. Many cultures came in together by virtue of us siblings marrying into different communities and adding our friends to the brood. Each event had the flavour of the different cultures, that’s when I realized how rich the Indian culture is and how closely we all are bonded. We had Bengalis (brother’s in laws) Punjabis, Gujaratis, Paharis, Maharashtrians even south Indians… we had a mini India at the bungalow we were staying in.
As the D day drew closer, it started getting emotional. Most emotional for the bride to be and her dad. My dad had a tough job as a marine commando but at heart he is a man who loves his children (grand children even more!)… we are his world.
The wedding day saw a perfect weather; the venue was all decked up to host the newlyweds, their families, friends and well wishers, the rituals went off as planned by punditji. The groom and the baraat was received with the traditional arti, tika and a lot of warmth and festivity. The crackers started to burst announcing the arrival of the groom ready to be with his beloved, being a part of his new extended family.
The food was great, showed the true hospitality of the north. There were counters for snacks to different cuisines, a juice bar, desserts and the pan bar. The guests’ had a good time, according to them the venue and the food was perfect. All credit for the choice goes to our brother who personally looked into the minute details.
The actual marriage ceremony (the pheras ) was scheduled for 1.30 am. The pundits were in rhythm reciting the mantras; we all loved listening to their chorus. It was divine. Finally, it was time to send the bride with her groom, the car decorated in floral finery waiting for them. To me this was the most emotional moment. Vidaai is the most difficult and emotional moment of our fat weddings….. As we said goodbye to the new couple, everyone was teary eyed. Dad just couldn’t stop crying, he just couldn’t control himself. That’s when I realized how he must have felt when he gave me away in marriage.  I always felt the need to have a daughter, I always wished for one (I have two sons) but at that moment I don’t think I missed that and I won’t ever complain.
We are happy that our princess in married into a good family and has got a loving man as her husband but we miss her….. Especially dad. Just learnt how fathers are when it comes to their daughters. even the toughest of men can go all weak for their daughters. No wonder a daughter is called  a "father's girl".