Monday, 14 December 2015

Happy 10th Anniversary Hubby!

Its our 10th anniversary and I really don't know what to gift you my dear I take a little walk down the memory lane and wish to take you along. Ten years have actually been a wink! If I look at our lives I feel I have been given the greatest gift... the gift of your your love! You being a part of my life has been the biggest blessing.
This day takes me back to when we met. Way back 2004, I guess it was November, we had a brief time just talking to each other in front of our parents and the little privacy that we were granted. We were two very head strong individuals. The eldest children of our respective parents. We were used to being pampered silly. Used to being treated the best by all, thought to be absolutely responsible and we took pride in the reputation we carried at our places of work and in the social circles. We were equal in every sphere. As they say its difficult for two very strong individuals to live together, may be that's why there were no sparks that flew at that moment. But that meeting did have a great impact in our lives though, we understood where we came from and understood what lives were all about.... we had walked a similar journey till then. Nevertheless subconsciously we did take a bit of each other with us. As it is so rightly said by Rajesh Khanna, in the movie Rajput."Mere sang sang aaya teri yadoon ka mela" .

With April setting in, we decided we wanted each other in our lives strange but true!!.... perhaps we missed each other. The event led to us getting engaged after just a meeting a few months ago. 24th April 2005, we got engaged. That bond got us to know each other and  learn about each other, we became great friends. Courtship was one of the best times. Especially when fiance is a mariner and its long distance emails, phone calls and messages. We grew closer with every email and every message. I remember writing down every sms and message in my diary as those days we didn't have smart phones and my Nokia 3315 had a very limited memory. Sailor came home and I met a very dear friend in him. Four months apart got us an eternity of togetherness. We understood each other better than  we knew our own selves. November came by and our wedding was fixed .... 14 December 2005 was the D day.

It was an experience in itself to plan , finalise the events and to even go shopping  together. You prepared me to be a part of your home, I knew all about you and your family. When I walked in the Todiwan household as a bride, everything looked so familiar. It was as simple as walking in my second home. I shall always be grateful to you my dear husband for such a easy and beautiful transition that you created for me.
You allowed me to choose the place for our honeymoon, keeping me and my choice always ahead ... that was the begging of things to come. I remember we met an elderly lady on that trip and she told you to always keep me like a queen and you've done just that, probably even more. I am your princess, is certainly not an exaggeration. Arnnav made us proud parents, just nine months into the marriage and my world being so complete, it was just sinking in. You did miss meeting your son as he arrived into this world and your sign off got delayed, some perks that come with the life of a Shippy. But it was Arnnav who greeted his dad returning home from the ship, all of 18 days! A very cheerful child made his dad's heart melt and love flowed through his eyes. A vision and  memory of father and son so fresh that its etched in my heart for ever.

You have been an exceptional father taking care of the child and helping me again with another transition, being a mother and a professional. I was able to handle the same all because of you hubby! Life went on a roll and we were blessed the second time as parents with arrival of Abhinav in July 2009. That warmed our home and our hearts, completed our family. You helped me yet again to manage the new phase in my life. Now two smart active boys and a full time professional. When you were home I was at ease and when you were away on work you kept me calm and at peace with my self all through the sat phone calls and emails.

All is not fine if there are no fights.... isn't it? We have had our share of fights, sleepless nights, self induced stress and a little mess that came along. We sailed through and I give the credit to you.... you just allowed me to be. We have been through thick and thin, being each others strength no matter what.You allowed me to not grow beyond being a little girl at heart, I will always love you for that, my Prince Charming.
You have grown even more special with every passing day.  You bring so much happiness just by being my side, and create memories that are priceless. Ten years have been a roller coaster ride and I am loving every moment of it! I know I have been the chosen one and absolutely lucky at that. Thank you Thank you Tank you!

Happy Tin Anniversary Hubby!