Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Using Facebook Live

We love things that are discounted or On Sale and go absolutely crazy when we see the word FREE! It gets even better when it reads FREE! FREE! FREE!
Some things are great just the way they are and become even more awesome when they came with the tag free! One such thing that I discovered was Facebook Live. By virtue of having a colleague who is a technology buff. He keeps reading up and updating himself. I have become some tech Guru of sorts myself just by being exposed to so much gyan around me. A lot of research happens on gadgets and technology, a bit on food too. His enthusiasm is child like and there is so much hunger for knowing more in the area of his interest. One such being the use of Facebook Live.

The research started almost a month ago, we share the office so I could see something was being recorded. It was, to my surprise that I discovered Facebook Live for the first time also that I had become a participant just by passing some expert commentary, being a woman it comes naturally to me you see! On a serious note the first tiny experiment was done in our lab! I call our office by that name as a lot comes out from there not just reports and presentations but also crazy ideas most of the time. After the discovery of facebook live we wanted to see where could it be used. We thought of using it for one of our college events. The institute has a facebook page where we do share the updates and photo albums of events. We were thinking why not use the live version. The students come from all over the country, if we went live for an event it could be shared with their parents, family and friends. Technology is all to connect, share and care isn't it?

The Ideas lab: Check out the video in the link below.

Finally we had an opportunity when the idea could be put into action. The first event being celebrated at the institute was the World Tourism Day on 27th September 2016. We celebrate the occasion by organizing a community lunch. An activity taken up by the first year students who bring the best from their mother's or grand mother's kitchens. We get to taste a bit of their culture and culinary heritage. The whole of India on a buffet! We decided to test the Live feature of Facebook covering this event. It worked fine, a few glitches due to wi fi connectivity but overall a thumbs up! The wifi ensured that we covered the event in two parts.  

Facebook Live - Part 1, Check the video in the link below:

Facebook Live - Part 2, Check the video in the link below:

Facebook live is a great option available for taking events live especially for academic institutions and events of concern for the youth. The potential of this medium is great, each one can actually explore many possibilities. Imagine presenting paper not just to the audience attending the seminar but numerous others who could be a part of it and contribute to knowledge sharing. Using technology at this scale can lead to not having people travel long distances, its a cost effective option just like Skype. I personally found it extremely hands on and very beneficial. It can be a great training tool and organisations can use it for promotions and publicity as well.

If the videos don't open in the link above please do like our facebook page Apeejay Institute of Hospitality Navi Mumbai and find the live videos there.